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6 questions to ask for powerful testimonials

Posted on 2 m read

Testimonials are a great way for prospective clients to understand more about how you could help them. Arguably testimonials from others can be more powerful at converting clients than what you say to sell yourself. However, wishy-washy vague testimonials about how great you are are no-where near as impactful as testimonials that outline the client’s story and the specific benefits they derived from working with you.

The key to a great testimonial is to ask questions that will draw out information that is relevant to the questions or concerns your prospective clients may have. Hearing from others who had the same worries but went on to have a beneficial experience with you can really help someone relate to you and your service.

In the article below, Sean D’Souza shares six smart questions that help you produce the engaging and persuasive testimonials you need to sell your products or services.

Just as an aside before you go ahead and click the link to the article, I just wanted to remind you how important it is to be honest and legal about your testimonials. Here in the UK the Advertising Standards Authority state that

Marketers must hold documentary evidence that a testimonial or endorsement used in a marketing communication is genuine, unless it is obviously fictitious, and hold contact details for the person who, or organisation that, gives it.

That means you need to have the contact details of the person who gave you the testimonial and evidence that they have indeed provided it AND given you permission to use it (there are some exceptions such as if the testimonial is from a published source eg social media).

Don’t be tempted to make up testimonials. In the UK the ASA will investigate claims even if there’s only been one complaint. Small businesses, especially service-based businesses rely on integrity and honesty to grow and flourish. Don’t be caught out fabricating testimonials whilst you’re getting started or you’re setting yourself up for a fall and a bruised reputation.

Even if you’re using perfectly legitimate testimonials, if you’re having fantastic results with your clients and are shouting about it on your website be aware that not everyone will be able to get their heads around it. There will always be some people who just don’t believe that quantum leaps are possible or that someone can drastically turn around their health/financial/work situation in the way/time frame you’ve described. Make sure you’re compliant and have the paperwork in place in case the naysayers hit. Once you’ve made sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed it’s time to start shouting from the roof tops!

So click the link below to read exactly how to ask for powerful testimonials:

Source: 6 Questions to Ask for Powerful Testimonials

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