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My 40 Before 40 List

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I turn 40 next May and I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of 40 before 40 list for a while. It hit me recently that I’d probably have to get on with it fairly soon if I was going to do it, as 40 things is actually quite a lot to get through in less than 10 months!
Like many of you I have a bucket list but much on there is travel so I wanted to create a list that had other smaller, less costly things on it too. I sometimes think the old bucket list is something I look at a couple of times a year and then forget about whilst I get on with life. But if I’m truly going to get through this list before May, it requires some serious planning, organising, visualising and meditating – basically having these tasks at the front of my mind and doing them. I’m looking forward to a fun few months of experience and self-development that will hopefully continue on into the next stage of my life!

Thank you to those of you who have made some suggestions and those of you who are going to join me in doing some of the items on my list. Without further ado, here is my list of #40before40 which I have split in to categories:


1 – Be a size 10
I have had enough of not looking the way I want and really want to avoid age-related illnesses so this has goal is right at the top of my list. My fab friend Zoe is getting married in New York City in January and I would like to make that the deadline for me to get back into a size 10

2 – Go (refined) sugar-free for 30 days
This one will help with the one above for sure! I know that I am completely addicted to sugar and I also know that it’s hideously bad for you. I know this will be the toughest thing on my list but I have a hugely inspiring Facebook friend who has been managing her terminal cancer through a sugar-free diet (and some other ways) for a few years. This is one of those things that I think I could just never do, but you know, what if I had to? It’s got to be worth giving this a go.

3 – Eat raw for a day
Similar to the one above I thought this would be an interesting challenge (if I make the effort to explore something a bit different and not just have a miserable day eating grated carrots and raddishes, haha). Hoping it might help with the booty-reboot at the top of the list too.

4 – Run a half marathon
This one is already underway. I have been training for three weeks for the Robin Hood Half at the end of this month. I have already blown my own mind by going from unable to run a mile on my first run three weeks ago to running a 9-mile route round Paris last weekend. The biggest take-aways for me were to get help (I enlisted a running buddy to get me through the long runs) and to just keep going. My only goal on the day is to finish (alive).

5 – Have a spa day with massage at Ragdale Hall
I love spas, essential oils, organic skincare and massages and yet I have never been to the famous Ragdale Hall even though it isn’t far from where I live. That’s going to change before May!

6 & 7 – Get my teeth sorted
I really hate going to the dentist (the smells, the noises and the tutting when I need more injections to numb my gums than normal people..). However I decided that if I could do a half-marathon then I could really do almost anything so this one is going to get tackled head on!

A million years ago my front tooth got smashed. It had to be replaced with a cap by the least artistic dentist in Scotland when cosmetic dentistry was not what it was today. As a result I have a hideous front tooth compounded by my teeth reverting to their preferred position since being moved by braces in my teens. I would very much like to have nice teeth in my website photos (and IRL!) so 1) braces and 2) a new capped tooth are on the horizon.

8 – Learn how to do a tumbleturn properly
I used to do a lot of swimming in my youth and I am a strong swimmer but I either never learnt or have since forgotten how to do a tumbleturn. I think it would be fun to know how to do it properly. I can do a somersault in the water but I either get so close I mess up trying to protect my coccyx from the wall or I’m too far away to do anything useful. I am to become a tumbling machine.

9 – Be able to do an unassisted pull-up
I feel like I should be able to do even just one unassisted pull up so after the marathon this is going to be a focus for my weight-training. Achieving number 1 on my list will help with this one!

Fun Things to Do

10 – Go for a country walk & stop for Sunday lunch
I enjoy walking in nature and I would love to go on a really long walk amongst the leaves on a crisp autumn day and stop for a cosy Sunday lunch along the way.

11 – Drive my car with the roof down
I’ve had my car for about 4 years. I have never taken the removable hard-top off because a) all the electrics are connected and it looks really complicated to take it off b) I don’t live in a great area and I suspect that someone will steal my car if it’s only got a soft top and c) I don’t live in a great area and I suspect that someone will steal the hardtop out the garage if I take it off.

I think it’s time to plan a trip somewhere nice, get the roof down and have some fun!

12 – Have a session with an Image Consultant
I have put off buying nice clothes for a lot of reasons but mainly because I don’t like buying clothes in the size I need to at the moment. So once I get down to (or close to) number 1 on my list I want to have an image consultation/personal shopping experience with Cleo Lacey.

13 – Spend £500 on a new capsule wardrobe
This goes hand-in-hand with the above session. I desire to have a capsule wardrobe of elegant, good quality clothes.

14 – Do a skydive
I actually had an indoor skydive on my list and then three people suggested the real thing when they heard about my list. So, I just got upgraded. I think this is going to be a pretty epic challenge.

15 – Go to a murder mystery evening or weekend
I’m a total geek when it comes to reading thrillers and watching dectective/CSI type shows. I love a bit of crime (in a romantic, Agatha Christie-type way…) so this would be such a fun thing to do. I held a murder mystery dinner party aboout 10 years ago but would love to go to a professional one.

16 – Go to a ceilidh at the Ceilidh Club
I’m Scottish and I love dancing. I used to love Scottish Country Dancing at school – it’s just hilarious and cheesey and it makes you smile! I’d love to go to one of the special Burn’s Night ceilidhs at the Ceilidh Club in London, haggis an’ all.

17 – Have a meal at Sat Bain’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Nottingham
You know I love food. I don’t think this needs any further explanation.

18 – Attend a vegetarian cooking class
See above…Also I don’t really enjoy cooking (that’s what comes of working on cruise ships/in hotels – you get spoilt when you just have to rock up to the restaurant to eat everyday) so although I would like to eat vegetarian a few times a week I find it stressful because it’s not straight-forward for me. I would like to learn a couple of other dishes that I know well so that it’s easy for me just to make them without thinking.

19 – Swim with dolphins
Don’t know where or when but I’d love to see some dolphins close up in the wild and even get to swim with them.

20 – Get a basic diving certificate
I did an introductory dive in Egypt a few years back and I loved it. I’d really love to do it again.

21 – Dive a shipwreck
This goes with the one above.

22 – Successfully grow vegetables in my garden
I’ve made a couple of dismal attempts at growing vegetables in my garden. Someone even came and planted seeds for me and it still went all wrong. So even if it’s a tiny patio pot with one potato plant I want to successfully grow something!

23 – Go horse riding again in Scotland
When I was a child I used to get packed off to the countryside a lot in the holidays to use up my energy and I ended up doing a lot of pony trekking. I like to go horse riding when I go on holiday and I have never found anywhere that was as good as Scotland. You could just go anywhere across the moors for hours and canter for long stretches (not gallop mind, I fall off – high centre of gravity (!)). I’d like to go back and trek in the wild, old hills!

24 – Have a decadent weekend in London
I used to live in London and every now and then I miss the buzz of the big smoke. I think a weekend at a lovely hotel and a Westend show would be a fun thing to do.

25 – Have tea at The Ritz
See above. I had tea at the Langham Hotel at Christmas which was fabulous and run by the same company who provide afternoon tea at the Ritz but dahling, it wasn’t The Ritz.

26 – Catch up with friends scattered around the UK
I have made a start with this as it’s been too long since I saw everyone. Am making a plan to get round the UK to visit!


27 – Get a degree
This is the one on my list that I put on just so I can cross it off straight away, haha. Getting a degree was on my bucket list for ages and I wanted to do it before I turned 40. I wanted to do a degree in International Spa Management but kept getting put off by the 6 years it would take to complete part -time. In the end I found a BA Hons in Leadership and Management course that I could complete in one year. I finished it a year ago but because it was done over a calendar – rather than academic – year, we missed graduation. So next week I graduate with a degree from the business school at Nottingham Trent University with a few months to spare!

28 – Learn how to use Photoshop
I just think this would be a useful skill that I would enjoy learning.

29 – Create a Baby Yoga course to go with my Baby Massage Instructor course
In another life I had a baby business and offered all sorts of classes to pregnant and new mums along with marketing sessions for other holistic therapists (that’s when I developed all my techie skills!).

I created a Baby Massage Instructor qualification which is recognised in the UK and I am in the process of offering it as an on-line course. It would be strengthened if I offered a Baby Yoga Instructor qualification alongside it and I want to get this done and out there.

30 – Support 30 aspiring Baby Massage Instructors through their qualification
on my course and support them with setting up their business structures

31 – Create a Facebook group with 1000 members
I’d like to create some kind of tech-support group for people to have a forum to discuss their tech issues and solutions.

32 – Have a team of 4
By May I would like to have a team of 4 freelancers whom I work closely with to offer a stronger service to my clients.

33 – Write a business book
I definitely don’t have a novel in me but I do think I want to write a business book of some kind.


34 – See the Northern Lights
This has been on the bucket list for A While. I swithered between putting it on this list but actually it’s one that can be done over a weekend trip. Exact destination to be determined – will keep you updated.

35 – Drive the West Coast of America
This is a bucket list one that keeps coming up so it’s made the 40 list.

36 – Visit my home town
I haven’t been back to my home town for about 20 years so I think I’d like to have a visit and a trip down memory lane.

37 – Ride in an overnight sleeper train
This might be one to coincide with the trip to Scotland above. Again this feels very 1920’s Agatha Christie or James Bond-esque!

38 – Walk Cinque Terre
I was very close to this area of Italy a few months ago whilst meeting with clients in Florence. However it was just one too many things to fit in to the trip so I’d like to go back and walk the trail that links these beautiful fishing villages.

39 – Secret!

40 – Celebrate my 40th in style
Haven’t decide where or how but it’s gotta be a good ‘un.

So there’s my list. Have you done anything similar or do you have any recommendations for me from what’s on the list? I can’t wait to update you as I cross things off.


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