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Posting in Facebook Groups? You’re Doing it Wrong

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Are you using other people’s Facebook groups to promote your products or services?

I’m going to have a bit of a rant today! I see loads of people blasting out posts in FB groups about their services and it’s driving me nuts because none of them are being of service.

Firstly I think it looks really naff when I get notifications that someone has posted exactly the same post in 2 -6 groups. It makes me want to switch off notifications for the group which means even less chance of me reading any future posts by that person.

Also it feels a bit like if I was standing at a party and someone randomly walked over to our group, spouted off some sales spiel and then just walked off again.

I joined a U.K. Based FB business networking group recently and no-one networked! Everyone was too busy shouting about their offering and what they were doing to take the time to see what anyone else was doing or needed.

And it’s what I see All. The. Time. 

My current business started somewhat accidentally and has been built entirely on referrals. It got started because I helped people for free. I willingly gave my knowledge and my time for nothing in return, because it was easy for me to do and would give the recipient a lot of value. It led to those people asking what else I could do and basically grew from there.

I think to really do well posting in FB groups, the same principles would stand you in good stead.

Instead of blasting your message out, LISTEN to what support others are looking for. Take the time (yes, there is a time investment) to READ the posts and comments others have written. How can you be of service to them? Can you direct them to a book or article that will help? Can you offer a titbit of advice that might help them make a decision? Can you share a relevant experience from your own life?

If you do this consistently people will start seeing you as an expert in whichever area you have chosen to be useful. They will be naturally curious about who you are and what you do and, with no advertising at all, will likely click on your profile to see what you’re about.

N.B. Make sure you have your business page look linked to from your profile so people can go straight their to see your offerings. 

Yes, it will take time and effort but it will make you stand out from the other people who are just going into groups shouting “me, me, me!”.

However it has to be said, if you are going to go to that much effort to help other people, why not do it in your own group? What not set up a whole group that grows to epic proportions because you give consistent, useful information on which you are an expert?

It also feels like this has more integrity. I cringe a bit when I see coaches going into another coach’s group, sharing videos of their own top tips, basically touting for the same clients for the same type of service. I’m surprised at how tolerant some group owners are.

Yes I do believe there is enough for everyone but I also believe in courtesy. How would you feel if you’d taken a significant amount of time and effort to build up a community of your ideal clients and then someone else waltzed up and started offering pretty similar services, fishing for business in your group? Imagine if it wasn’t online but a real bricks and mortar business. It’s like going into a competitor’s (for want of a better word) shop and standing at the door talking to their customers about your business offering and walking them over the road to your shop to make a sale. It’s just naff.

Obviously if you are a member of someone else’s group and you can offer an intelligent, useful answer then do, it’s nice to be nice.

What I’m saying is change up your game plan so you’re not building on someone else’s land. After all, you might find yourself out on your ear and then you’ll be left with no choice but to create something of your own.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a Facebook group owner or have you found success in posting in others’ groups? Let me know in the comments.


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