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3 websites for creating landing pages

Posted on 4 m read

In this post I am going to tell you about 3 websites you can use to create an online landing page (otherwise know as an opt-in page or a splash page).

The following websites provide software for landing pages:

It is often possible (through plugins on WordPress or a cover page in Squarespace) to create a landing page directly within your website. However there are sometimes advantages of using sites like the ones mentioned above, such as in-built analytics, conversion testing and split-test options.

These types of websites generally make integration with your email service provider (to deliver the lead magnet) straight-forward and can even offer delivery of your file directly from their site. Often the pages can be hosted within your own site too so that they use your site’s url in the web address.

The level of customisation available varies amongst providers. However don’t get too stressed out if they don’t support your brand font. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with everything being completely “on-brand” that you forget that these limitations exist for a reason.

For example, some fonts work better in print that on web, certain formats work better across certain devices than others etc. Of course your landing page needs to be consistent with your brand and other web and print presence you have. However I see a lot of people getting stressed about the tiniest of details with their landing ages and really aren’t the aspects they should be worrying about (and that comes from someone who is detail-orientated!).

Important things to consider when creating your landing page are:

Does it have a headline that will immediately grab the readers’ attention?
We are all totally bombarded with marketing messages and, in the age of digital technology, no longer have the attention spans we once did. You have to get people’s attention right away and pique enough curiosity to keep them reading. If you are tuned-in to your ideal client’s pain points, you should be able to craft a headline or question that will resonate strongly.

Do you concisely and clearly tell the reader what you are offering and why it is of benefit to them?
People want to know what’s in it for them. What do they get for giving you their precious time to read your page and their privacy by passing you their email address? Similar to the above, you need to let them know quickly and clearly that you understand their problems and can offer a high-value solution.

Is your button above the fold?
The “fold” of your website is the part that is visible without scrolling. People are busy and/or lazy and if you require too much effort on their part (yes that includes scrolling down the page!) they won’t bother.

Make your message clear and easy to see above the fold and make sure the call to action button you want them to click is right there above the fold.

Do you have a professional, good quality picture on the page?
Pictures have a big impact on our perceptions and impressions so make sure you are using good quality pictures on your landing page that is in keeping with your brand.

You also want to make sure it’s consistent with your other marketing. It’s unlikely that prospective customers will just happen upon your landing page. They will have been directed there from your social media or perhaps from someone else’s social media or blog if you are doing some guest posting. Either way, familiarity builds trust. If someone has one impression of you from eg your social media and then they land on your opt-in page and it looks completely different or is offering something out of keeping to what you talk about on social media, visitors will get confused. They will lose trust (probably subconsciously) and be less inclined to part with their email address.

Commonly, successful landing pages have a picture to the left of the page with a sign-up box to the right.

Test and measure
Once you have got your landing page out there, make small changes to it and measure the results. Small things like changing the colour of your call to action button to yellow or having a picture where you’re facing towards the opt-in form rather than smiling out to the reader are purportedly ways of increasing opt-in rates.

Get a baseline for your page and then tweak the headline or the picture you use. If opt-in rates increase, try something else and see if it’s better or worse. Keep doing the same to drive up your conversion rates.

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