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I’m Afraid You’re in Sales & You Need to Get Over It!

Whichever business you think you’re in, you’re probably wrong. It doesn’t matter that you think you are in the health and wellness business or think that you are in the business of de-stressing people/helping people achieve weight-loss. If you’re not making sales then you are not in business.

The success of your business and the opportunity to deliver your product or service to more people is directly related to how well you can market that product or service.

You have to get over your issue with sales and any negative perceptions or connotations you have around sales people.

Annoying salesman

Sales is the opportunity for you to offer a solution to a problem. Who are you NOT to sell your product if it can actually help the potential client in front of you?

If what you do is legal, honest and moral, if you are good at what you do, if you help people find solutions to their health or wellness problems on a daily basis, then shout it from the rooftops and don’t be shy about it! People are looking for the services you offer so get out there and tell them how you can help.

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