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{10 at 10} Connect your Twitter & Facebook Posts. Or Not.

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Ok the last 10 at 10 went down well from your comments and emails so here’s another one to start the week. I’ve also been asked for quick Facebook and Twitter tips so that’s today’s topic!  Take 10 minutes to do some marketing for your business.  Today you can either…

Connect Your Facebook Updates to Twitter (or vice-versa) or Disconnect Your Facebook  Updates from Twitter

Have a think about whether having some or all of your tweets automatically appear on your Facebook profile or page (or your FB status’ automatically post as tweets) is the best thing for you.

You may already have this set up, but if you have a very similar following in both places, you might find your users don’t enjoy the duplicate content and either un ‘like’ or un-follow you.

If you don’t have this facility set up and you do have a different set of friends/fans and followers, consider whether doing this will help you reach more people in less time.

Twitter to Facebook or Facebook to twitter?

If you are going to link these up I would suggest having your Facebook status appear on Twitter rather than your tweets appearing on your Facebook. Unless you tweet infrequently you are likely to overwhelm your fans/friends plus the use of twitter ‘language’ could be confusing ie hashtags.  Alternatively you can select certain tweets to appear on Facebook by using a third-party app and adding #fb at the end of  the relevent tweets. Note that due to the character restrictions on tweets, only part of your Facebook update is likely to show on Twitter.

How to do it

You can disconnect your accounts from Facebook by visiting the account settings and then going to the apps link and editing the relevant apps.

You can connect your accounts here:

Facebook to twitter (log in to facebook first): http://www.facebook.com/twitter/

Twitter to facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/

Using selective tweets to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/selectivetwitter

NB this post was first published in 2011.


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    December 10, 2011

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