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{2 minute tips} Ready, Fire, Aim

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I have just been speaking with a fellow business owner about the importance of taking action and getting something out there, even if it’s not quite right yet. We were discussing fliers that she and her business partners felt were not quite right yet but had been working on for a little while. I reminded her that although a ‘perfect’ or optimally worded flier would bring in more people, a flier that was good enough to get started with would bring in considerably more people than no flier at all!

If you are working on something, just get it out there. Get ready, fire and then change course and make tweaks as you are moving. Although you don’t want to spend a fortune printing something that is really poor quality, if it’s honestly ‘good enough’ then just get it out there and improve it as you going along if you really think you need to do more work on it.

This can apply to marketing materials like fliers, a blog, packs for your courses, information products, just about anything really.

So remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough. Start with your minimum viable product but just remember to start.

Work faster and stay ahead of the competition.

Off you go! Ready, fire, aim!


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