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How to Use Special Occasions to Market Your Business

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National holidays, special occasions and health awareness days/weeks give you a great excuse to do some more marketing. There are loads of weird and wonderful days and you can even set up your own national or international day or week.

Constantly coming up with new content to share on your blog or social media can be tricky. Using awareness days and national/international holidays as inspiration means you can easily generate some interesting, educational or just downright fun content for your clients and maybe even some PR for you.

Looking through the year for some of the dates that appeal to you is the best way to start. You can then pop these themed days into your marketing diary so that you have plenty of time to plan your content in advance.

There’s an awareness day for everything you can think of (and about a million others for things you can’t) so start by checking out some of the sites where they’re listed:

Awareness Days

Days of the Year

Occasions you can tie in with

Some of the existing ones may be more pertinent to you and your niche than others.  However you should be able to make a link of some sort to most events – it doesn’t matter how tenuous! At times, many people will expect it of you, for example at Christmas.

Be really creative about using these themed days as inspiration for your marketing. Let’s look at an examples.

National Ice Cream Day

This might be obvious to use for food bloggers or restaurants but hwo could you tie this in to your business?

  • Personal trainers: Create a fun infographic or with the number of “example” type of exercises you’d need to do to burn off a fancy ice-cream.
  • or create a newsworthy before and after blog post about that client you have who used to be addicted to ice cream but you helped her wean herself off it and become a bikini competitor at the same time.
  • Health coaches/nutritional therapists: Create some recipe videos or blogs about how to make healthy or vegan ice-cream alternatives
  • or share a picture of you enjoying an ice cream as a treat and talk about why that’s ok!

Make up something unofficial

If there really aren’t any suitable days coming up then link to a personal celebration. Let everyone know you are doing something special because:

  • there’s a new baby in the family (doesn’t’ have to be yours)
  • it’s your birthday
  • it’s your son’s first day at school
  • you’ve won an award
  • you’re launching a new service or product
  • or really anything else you can think of!

How to use National Awareness Days in Your Marketing Strategy

Decide which days you want to tie to over the next few weeks/months or the year.

Brainstorm some ways you might want to use them for your business. Some of the days you may just want to create a theme for the day or week and match all your pictures, recipes, yoga poses, tops tips and live streams to that.

For others you might want to create more of an event:

  • have a giveaway
  • create a new lead magnet or online product that ties in with the celebration
  • create a new type of class (eg dad’s only baby massage class for Father’s Day)
  • offer a taster session (Milk Chocolate Day – chocolate amnesty, swap your choc for a free fitness class)
  • run a sale/offer on your products

Deciding to hold an on or off-line event to raise money for charity is another good way of further raising your own brand’s awareness and doing something for a good cause. Some of the awareness days, health ones especially, are hosted by charities and they already have fundraising packs they can send you with loads of ideas and ways to get involved.


If you’re looking to raise some bigger scale awareness of what you’re doing, have some kind of  ‘hook’ to centre a around. If you’re creating a press release or writing a guest post you need to have some kind of interesting angle on what you’re doing so it’s not just a blatant advert for your business.

Create more awareness

Get in touch with local media or other online businesses/blogs/charities about what you’re doing, why and how people can get involved.

  • Be creative with holidays and events such as Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and national weeks in your industry
  • Tailor all your usual marketing based on the event and brainstorm some new ways of marketing it
  • Take advantage of related hashtags
  • Organise a charity event based on one of these themes and get lots of free publicity in the press before, during and after the event.
  • Team up with another business (related or otherwise that your clients use) to offer services to each others’ clients or to hold an open day or on-line event together.

You could even just document yourself trying something new that’s been put on by another business in regards to a particular “day”. If you’re a life coach and one of the things you encourage your clients to do is have fun or take more time for themselves then you could lead the way by doing something new or different or interesting and letting your clients follow along.

People love seeing behind the scenes and you showing them the way means they might give this or something else new a try themselves.

The world really is your oyster with this. Get creative, have fun and go to town embracing some of these themed days into your business.


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