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What I learnt about business from doing a degree

One of the biggest things I learnt from doing a degree is that you can find pretty much find evidence to support any argument you want.
In relation to business I take from this that if you hear some guru or leader professing that one course of action is the way to go but hear another saying the exact opposite, they can both be right.

Both could have strong evidence that their system works.

But what works for one doesn’t necessarily work well for another. It has to feel right for you.

Choosing the right business and marketing strategy for you

When I had my baby business it was exactly the same for the new mums I worked with.

There are so many parenting schools of thought that it can get massively overwhelming. Parents are constantly wondering “should I be following the plan from this expert or should I be doing what this other one says?”.

Some of my new mum clients followed one method pretty much to the letter and it absolutely suited them and their baby. Others were appalled at the regimented nature of that plan and followed a polar opposite opinion from a different childcare expert. And that worked for them and their baby.

Others had a good look at all the advice out there and chose to follow the bits from each that resonated with them.

Following your intuition or “shiny object syndrome”?

And so it is in business. Perhaps when you very first start out you want to follow one path because someone you respect has had success that way.

Certainly it can cut down overwhelm and avoid “shiny object syndrome” (where you bob about from one thing to another) never gaining momentum and moving forward.

However, if you have been following one plan of action and it hasn’t got the results you’ve seen someone else get or the ones you desired, then don’t forget, it’s not the only way to achieve the results you want. If it doesn’t feel truly congruent to you, don’t think that means you need to give up and that there’s no other way of doing things.

The best way of doing things is the way that’s best for you. And that might not be the same as the next person.

Yes the practical how-to steps might be outside your zone of genius. You may well be somewhat reliant on outsourcing to someone else who can guide you through the practical steps, but your intuition should still be telling you it’s the right way to go.

If it’s not, it doesn’t mean that way of doing things is wrong or it only works for that one person. It just means it probably  doesn’t work for you because, in your heart, it doesn’t sit right.

It’s worth exploring whether the feelings you have are just you being pushed a bit outside of your comfort zone rather than it being the wrong path. Reaching new heights does mean getting your head round new things and a period of constant learning can be draining. Even following the right path for you isn’t going to be a breeze the whole way so it might be congruent just temporarily challenging.

It’s ok to change

If you identify that the strategy you’re following isn’t working for you and your heart isn’t in it, it’s ok to change! Don’t doggedly follow something if it makes your vibe low and you put off doing the work. Look around and find something that energises you and allows you to showcase the aspects of your brand and your self that you want to sing about.




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