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{Tools & Tricks} Inbox Pause for Gmail

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The tool I want to tell you about today is Inbox Pause for gmail. I mostly love using gmail (you can set it up to come from your website url) because it does have useful features and apps you can add on.

I have been on a bit of a learning curve around time management the past few weeks. Whilst I schedule in all my work and am quite good at leaving a realistic amount of time, I’ve realised that’s not enough. I am learning that the average unscheduled, requested “five-minute question” call lasts 32 minutes. Multiply that by two or three clients a day and it can seriously put my schedule out of wack, leaving me not too gracefully working my socks off to get things back when promised. I’m still working out the very best way to deal with this, since I do want to be available to help you when you need it.

However I’ve been testing out Pause to help me reduce the distractions coming in so that I can power through my client tasks and then get back to my own email admin when I am able to. Pause basically does what it says on the tin. It holds all emails back for the period you schedule and then starts delivering them again at the time you’ve set. What’s great is that I can still access the existing emails that I often need to dip in and out of whilst completing tasks, but nothing new is coming in.

You can choose to set an autoresponder or not. If you don’t want to let people know your inbox is paused, they won’t know. If I am working on something that may need a response from my client I leave an autoresponse message saying that I won’t pick up their email until whatever time, but if something is urgent and can’t wait until then, they can contact me another way.

If you want to try it out you can do so here.


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