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Stop Comparing Your Beginning with Their Middle

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The danger of comparison-itis

This time of year is often one for reflection and I was thinking about how many people get caught up in reflecting that they’re not where they think they “should” be. Soooo many of us can get completely caught up in comparison-itis and it can totally put you off your stride.

The other day I was having a look back through the Way Back Machine to see what my old website looked like. (You can have a sneaky peak of the 2011 version here.)

Anyway it got me thinking about stalking a few other people’s websites from way back when, and I wanted to share the results with you. When we look at our mentors and those who inspire us, naturally we want to emulate them, and their shiny, polished brand. But today I want to remind you not to compare your “beginning” with someone else’s “middle”.

Just start from where you are

When we get so caught up in the details and having to get everything just right before moving forwards it can literally have the opposite effect to what we want. Remember, “The journey starts with a single step – not thinking about taking a single step.” ~Jeff Olsen. If you never actually get out of there in front of your people, it doesn’t matter how beautiful and perfect your branding or website or course is.

Spending too much time looking at what everyone else is doing can end up taking all your time. Not only thinking about how much better their stuff is than yours but also being distracted because their site has this function or that course or some other shiny object. All your time ends up going into trying to create something similar without actually having the strategy behind it for everything to fit together. It all just drains your time and energy and keeps you on the spot.

Even superstars’ brands didn’t start out completely fabulously

So I’m going to show you two superstars’ sites from back in the day. I want you to look objectively and see that they Just.Started.Somewhere. And it should give you hope and confidence that you can start where you are right now and move on to bigger and better things as you lean more and your business grows and you have a bigger business budget.

I’d say you’re at an advantage anyway as websites have moved forward so much since these snapshots, so you’re probably already starting in a better place than what I’m showing you.

So, here is Gina Devee’s current website Divine Living and here is what her site looked like in January 2011.

Somewhat of a difference, non? She didn’t start out with an all singing all dancing website or brand. She just got started. You just need a way to start getting your message out there (be it via a website or something else)

Here’s what the mighty Marie Forleo’s site looked like in 2006 and now.

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought

And in Marie’s words, “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. It’s hard to get absolutely clear on what you want through thought alone. It’s like that time I wanted to redecorate my bathroom in a Balinese spa style. I bought some brown paint and realised when I’d done the first wall it was completely the wrong shade of brown. Chocolate when it should have been taupe (I didn’t know about undertones and shades back then!!). Anyhoo, it was only clear what I did need to do when I engaged in action and saw where I needed to deviate to get the desired end result.

So bathroom redecoration or business, I urge you to get started. Once you do, you’ll gain the clarity you need and build momentum!



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