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Productivity Tip – Boomering for Gmail

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If you didn’t know already, I love Gmail!

Boomerang App

One of the apps I use with it sometimes is called Boomerang. This app lets you do two things:

  1. write an email and schedule it to send at a later tube and
  2. “Boomerang” an email so that it sends the email back to you in eg 2 days.

I’ve almost been caught short a couple of times when I’ve thought that I’d use a client’s response/reply email to trigger an action i.e. I didn’t diarise the next task at the time as the client’s reply was necessary for the next course of action.

However this almost fell short when the client didn’t respond to my email, thus not triggering the next task.

Send an email to come back to your inbox

Boomerang allows me to have the email resent (to me) in a time frame of my choice e.g. 2 days later. This serves as a reminder to chase the client if necessary by does by nothing more than one click of the mouse.

The other great thing about Boomerang is the ability to write emails at any time of day and schedule them to go when you like.

So this might work for you if you’re trying to protect your boundaries.

Schedule your emails to send later

For example, maybe you work late into the evening some days and that’s a convenient time for you to do so at the moment. However you don’t want to let your clients think it’s ok to expect a response from you at that time of night.

Alternatively you might be aiming to have a productive session clearing down your inbox. You’re responding to a number of emails you’ve received but end up getting replies to the ones you’ve just sent out before you can tackle the rest of the outstanding emails.

By using Boomerang you can choose what time your reply should be sent e.g. 9am the next morning.

That way you can clear down your inbox without having to juggle replies at the same time or can schedule emails to send within your office hours.

There is both a free and paid version of the app. With the free version you can send up to 10 delayed email each month (they usually let you have a cheeky extra one too if you reach your limit).

You can find out more about the Boomerang app here. 


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