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What it’s like to try Kinesiology for overcoming money blocks

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Most people I know are keen to create more abundance in their life and it’s usually money they are looking to create more of initially. Denise Duffield-Thomas (of Lucky Bitch fame) is a money mindest mentor whose methods are aimed at anyone who wants to bring in more money, whether they’re completely broke or striving to overcome the barrier that’s keeping them from hitting their first million.

A couple of weeks back, Denise ran a 5-day challenge. I signed up for it a few days before it started and then decided I didn’t want to wait so since I have both her books, I went over to the bookshelf and got stuck in re-reading her second book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch.

Denise has lots of different strategies for increasing abundance including decluttering, forgiving yourself and others for past resentments around money, mantras and subliminal messages. She has a formula to follow but also encourages readers to “throw everything at it”!

All just airy-fairy woo-woo?

One of the things she recommends to all her clients is Kinesiology. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a complementary therapy that works to “talk” to the body via muscle testing. It’s a blend of Eastern and Western medicine that works on the connection between the muscles and the meridian lines (energy lines used in acupuncture). The idea is that when there is a blockage of energy we don’t vibrate at our optimal level. And before you roll your eyes and move away from this post, meridian energy lines were proven to exist last year by scientists at Seoul National University and the fact that we “vibrate” electromagnetically has been accepted for ages, that’s how MRI scans work.

I was introduced to Kinesiology many years ago when I trained in massage but it was only more recently that I actually tried it for myself – I was intrigued to know whether my body was sensitive to particular foods. I was a little sceptical at the time about how it all worked but it was fascinating to say the least.

During the treatment you lie on a massage couch and the therapist gets you to push or pull your arms and legs in certain ways. For example, lying on my back with my arm above lifted straight up to the ceiling I had to try and keep my arm pushing back towards my head while the therapist tried to push it down towards my feet. The idea is that your muscles get weaker if it is exposed to an unhelpful thought or substance.

How the Kinesiology tests work – mind-blowing!

Now, I thought I could “beat the system” and that it wouldn’t work with me. I’m pretty strong and thought there was no way I would be “overcome” by the therapist’s strength. Oh yea of little faith! The first thing the therapist gets you to do is the test mentioned above. I was able to hold my arm in place and she couldn’t push my arm down towards my feet, just as I expected.

The next thing she did was place a can of coke on my abdomen (because there is NOTHING in coke that helps the body). When we did the same test again I could not resist the therapist at all, my arm came straight down to the couch! It blew my mind. She carried on doing this test with various different foods and my muscles either got weaker, as with the coke, or remained strong and steady.

So back to the treatment I had this time around. I didn’t go back to the same therapist as she focused mainly on physical symptom and didn’t have much mention of spiritual healing on her treatment list. It is all connected because the understanding is that all physical ailments are caused by an energy blockage and the symptoms are just a physical manifestation often linked to emotional imbalance. However I wanted to go to someone who understood more about abundance outside of the body.

Throw everything at it

I found another Kinesiologist who offered a number of Eastern modalities alongside, and thought she was a better option. I went to her home for the treatment and was immediately greeted by a menagerie of animals! For me that added to the healing as I got to stroke an old English sheep dog, three cats and a tiny little chihuahua puppy! Ha, I could have just sat with them for an hour and come out feeling healed, never mind having an actual treatment!

Anyway I explained to the therapist why I was there and told her I was happy for her to combine a number of her therapies if appropriate. I was hoping to discover if I actually had money blocks and what they were. However the therapists only worked with existing beliefs so I had to do my best to come up with something I thought I might have a false belief about. I was a bit of an unusual case for her though, as normally she works with people whose energy blockages show up as a physical pain or discomfort. During the treatment it was harder to know in some ways if it had been successful because it wasn’t a case of “the pain was there when I arrived and now it’s gone”.

Having said that, in a way it doesn’t matter. The muscle testing was much more subtle than when I was tested for food (which is a good thing and means that none of my energy lines were badly blocked) however they still showed a difference after my energy had been balanced. The tests this time were not as dramatic as when the coke or some of the food was placed on me but there was still movement. Again I was a bit sceptical and then I remembered that the lady doing the tests was less than 5 foot tall and tiny so any movement was because of weakness in the corresponding meridian, not because she was strong enough to create the movement for show!

What the results show

The tests all corresponded to different parts of the meridian system so my therapist was still able to tell where there were slight blockages. The meridians relate to a corresponding organ although blocks do not mean a literal issue as each one relates to other aspects. For example, a blockage in the liver can indicate anger, rather than a physical problem with the kidney.

Where there were blocks the therapist used acupressure to balance out the energy. One of the things she did was apply pressure to two points on my forehead. She was able to tell the my Yang energy (male, logical) was very strong but the intuitive, female Yin energy was sluggish. She was able to balance these out and then when we redid the test, the muscle was strong.

When the test was done with me thinking about my false money belief, the muscle was weak, meaning that I was being held back back this false belief. Again the therapist used a mix of her therapies to clear the belief and retest the muscles. She also got me to touch a number of Back flower remedy bottles and vitamins and minerals to whittle down and find the ones that made my body stronger. Again I found this fascinating and there were two flower remedies and two minerals that my body seemed to be asking for.

At the end of the treatment, the therapist brought over a pack of crystal tarot cards and asked me to pick one. It was “Joy and Gratitude” which I did feel was very fitting with my desire for greater abundance and seemed like a positive sign to finish the treatment.

Has it had the desired effect?

So whether this has had any effect remains to be seen. Directly after the session I felt energised and happy although that might have been from chatting to someone about topics that interest me whilst cuddling a variety of fur babies! I didn’t come home to news of a cash windfall though, haha!

I did go and buy the two flower remedies and will take them regularly and see what changes that brings about. I would be interested in going back for another treatment in a while to see how my energy has shifted. I will continue to work through the exercises set out by Denise DT and throw everything at my goal!

Have you ever tried Kinesiology for spiritual reasons?






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