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How to Create a Template Email in Gmail

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If you repeatedly create the same emails in Gmail, e.g. welcome emails for your clients, you can increase your productivity by setting the body of the email up as a template so you don’t have to recreate the work every single time.

There’s a video demonstration below and written instructions if you prefer.

🔸In your Gmail inbox, click the cog at the top right⠀

🔸Choose the “settings” link⠀

🔸Click on the “labs” tab⠀

🔸Scroll down to “canned responses” and click enable⠀

🔸Scroll to the bottom of the page and save changes⠀

🔸Click on “compose”⠀

🔸Create your email and include any attachments that don’t change⠀

🔸Click on the arrow at the very bottom right of your message and choose “canned responses”⠀

🔸Click “create new canned response”⠀

🔸Name your template and click ok⠀

Et voila!⭐⠀

To access the template next time:⠀

🔸Click “compose”⠀

🔸Click the arrow at the bottom right of the message⠀

🔸Click on the template name you wish to use (under “insert”)⠀

🔸Make any tweaks to personalise the email if necessary⠀

🔸Add in the recipient’s email and send!


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