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17Hats: Why I love it for coaches and VAs

Posted on 3 m read

Almost every time I send someone a contract and invoice for the first time I get asked about which system I’m using.

Until recently it wasn’t a system that I necessarily recommended for coaches because the features I needed for my VA business were slightly different to those that are more important to coaches.

However the software, 17Hats (and that’s an affiliate link because I love their software!) has recently introduced two new tiers of pricing – the first one being free.

17Hats, as the name suggests, offers many features. I use it as a CRM system for my clients so I have everyone’s contact details together, I can upload contracts and other important documents, see invoices, add to-do items, make notes, time-track my work and it syncs with my calendar and email within the client dashboard. One big thing it’s potentially missing for coaches is any type of scheduling system.

However if you are looking for something solely to send client contracts and invoices then with the new tiers, this could be worth a look.

At the time of writing the unlimited version is $39 US per month.

The free version offers nearly all features but limits to 3 “projects” at a time.
To send a client contract or invoice you must have that client as a live project. However if you are not intending to use this dashboard to make client notes or keep any other records then you can just archive the project as soon as the contract is signed and invoice paid. That way you could just have a rolling 3 projects available. If for any reason you needed to access the contract you can un-archive a project (assuming you have one of your three available).

The middle option is $17 US per month and allows 15 active projects. This price is fairly comparable with monthly pricing for HelloSign (payable annually) and Adobe Sign. With a 15 active projects limit it might be worth looking into as a CRM system since for many coaches this would cover their 1-1 clients.

Ease of Use
Setting up the contract template is easy to do. You can write it in or copy and paste from another document into an interface that looks like a normal email/Word document.

You can choose for certain fields like client name and address to be auto-filled from the client details you enter in the project.

Once you bring up the contract template for each client you can edit it easily like a Word document if you want to make any changes to eg pricing or programme details.

Creating invoices is even easier and you just complete the relevant boxes with a description of the service you are invoicing for and the price.

Before you send the invoice you can choose whether to allow online payment by bank card via a button on the invoice or you can choose not to give that option if your clients are only to pay by another method, eg bank transfer or direct debit.

Try It Free
If you fancy taking a look around and seeing if this might work for you use this link. It is an affiliate link but it means that if, at any point – even in the future, if you choose to upgrade to the unlimited version you’ll get 10% off the advertised price.

If you have any questions I can help with let me know in the comments otherwise bear it in mind as a contracting option.

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