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June 2017 Six Month Review

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Somehow we got to the end of June, so I decided to do a 6 month review of 2017. It’s so easy to turn around and think about all the things we haven’t got around to doing this year and how we’re not where we wanted to be with our businesses etc etc etc. I see people beating themselves up about it all the time (me included!) so instead I thought I’d take a look back at the last 6 months at all the things I have done in my life and business since the start of 2017.

I travelled

Heading back to January, I visited New York. It was literally a bit of a flying visit for a wedding (it was the wrong time of year to be taking a long break from my business really).

I loved NYC. I’ve been before – both times it was for an even shorter stop than this year and it never really grabbed me. This visit though, it did. Everything you could possibly imagine (and a whole load of things you couldnt!) are available right there. I really want to go back for longer and attend some of the weird and wonderful activities available!

I raised my Tech VA prices

In January I also raised my prices. It felt good and like the right thing for my business.

I morphed my business

In around March /April I started formulating the consulting brand which is the route I want to take my business down (in my heart it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was 25 when I was inspired by a consultant that worked with the owner of a health club I was managing).

I’m still honing my offering now, I think it always takes a while to settle into exactly what you offer and who you serve. This is still a work in progress (probably will be for a while!) but it was a big leap in the right direction.

I changed my company name

Just over a year ago I left my job with no firm plan of what I was going to do (I wouldn’t recommend doing things that way but at the time it felt like my only option if I wanted to stay sane).

I thought I wanted to be a professional declutter (some kind of giant-sized Marie Kondo) so I went by the name of Clear Intentions Organisation Services. It was quite witty (I can’t take credit!) and still fit when I morphed into the VA services. However, it didn’t truly feel right as I started veering towards coaching and consulting and I spent a long time going over and over things in my head, trying to come up with a new name that was just right.

After much thinking, I realised the answer had been close by all along. I settled with certainty on The Vibrant Entrepreneur and in this post you can read about why it’s so right for me.

I registered a trademark

To go with this step towards my consulting role I registered my business name as a trademark. I was so excited when the right name dawned on me that I didn’t want anyone else to start using it and say that I couldn’t, so I decided to legally protect it for piece of mind.

This is a bit of a lengthy process and you can read my post here about how I registered my trademark.

I hit business milestones

By May I’d worked with over 60 coaches/clients in my Tech VA business and reflected on the huge amount of knowledge and experience I gained from that.

Towards the end of May I celebrated 1 year in my Tech VA business which has gone by in a flash! It has been an unexpected way to spend the year but I wholeheartedly believe it’s stood me in good stead for the next step.

I turned 40

May was the month for life milestones too as I also turned 40. I managed it without a complete midlife crisis. I jumped on a plane at the last minute to celebrate the weekend in the sun on the stunning island of Menorca (and crossed no. 40 off my 40at40 list!).

I was a digital nomad for a day

I spent a day working with a beautiful sea view and vowed to keep that experience at the front of my mind and channel my efforts into recreating that on a regular basis in the not too distant future.

I ran my first 6-week masterclass series

I launched this programme to help clients get clear on the fundamentals of their business. I’ve loved putting this together and I’ve had some really great feedback from the holistic therapists who’ve been on it.

I held my first half day intensive

I held my first half day intensive coaching session and loved it! It’s so exciting to be able to help release someone’s excitement and enthusiasm for their business and channel it into tangible steps.

I had a photoshoot

I’ve had a photo shoot or two before but I needed some more up to date shots with my longer hair and that were more suited to my new business.

I never feel very comfortable in front of the camera and I felt drained after about 5 shots, haha. But this time I brought a friend along to help me keep smiling and give posing and styling advice!

I started reading again

Since I finished my degree in 2015 I felt less inclination to read than I ever had in my life (one of the reasons I wanted a degree was to have something to show for all the reading on leadership that I had done in the past 15 years!).

Some of the books I’ve read this year  (not including the thrillers that have been a great escape too) are:

The 10x Rule Grant Cardone

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Be Brilliant Everyday Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker

You2 Price Pritchett

Key Person Of Influence Daniel Priestley

Oversubscribed Daniel Priestley

The 12-week Year Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

I joined a coaching programme

Having someone else believe in you and your business can make a huge difference. My energy rose massively after a call with my new mentor and the aim of the programme, for me, is to safeguard and expand my positive mindset.

I saw my family

I recently saw my family for the first time in 10 years at my father’s 70th birthday. Seeing your family is always a test of where you’re up to with your own self-development and mindset practise! I’m happy to report that I felt much better then I thought I would do! Turns outs, 10 years of working on myself has been of positive use!

I got a health wake up call

I started suffering from migraines and I know it’s from working stupid hours and consequently  my diet and exercise have gone completely to pot in the last couple of months.

I am absolutely not available to lose 4 days of my life every month to headaches and overwhelming fatigue so this was a massive kick to get my priorities sorted.

I’ve been working long hours at the computer screen (often recently because I’ve not protected my boundaries well) and it’s been my exercise time and meal planning /preparation time that’s been sacrificed (or sometimes just the headspace/energy to make decisions around these has been compromised).

It’s ridiculous not to prioritise health so I’ve put in place some new plans to make sure I am a “vibrant” entrepreneur!

So like I said at beginning I could beat myself up for all the things I didn’t do. However reflecting on these six months have me a boost to realise I’d done more than I gave myself credit for as well as see opportunities to change things up for a more productive back end of the year.


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