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43 Tasks to Outsource to a VA

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Outsourcing tasks to a VA is a good way for you to delegate some of the administrative or techie tasks in your coaching or service-based business that you have neither time nor inclination to do yourself. You’d be surprised at how quickly and easily someone else can do something that’s been holding you back for ages and usually for a much lower cost than you think.

Taking on a VA can be a great investment but often the output is only as good as the input. Although a VA is likely to be able to help you untangle the tasks that need doing,  they still need guidance and direction from you on what you want. If you’ve never managed a team before it might take a little bit of trial and error for you to become the leader and get the most out of your VA.

A while ago I wrote Hand On Heart Are You in Control of Your Business or Abdicating Responsibility? for the Huffington Post about taking on a team member. It might be useful for you to read if this is your first hire.

With the list below I’m referring to tasks that you may outsource to a General VA (as opposed to a specialist type of VA such as a graphic designer, web developer or copywriter). However note there’s no such thing as  Super VA who will necessarily be able to do all of these things so get clear on what you want to outsource and then start looking for a VA who fits. You may even need two different VAs if you have some traditional admin type tasks and some which are more techie.

43 Tasks to Outsource to a VA

  1.  ​Diary management – booking clients into your diary
  2. ​ ​Making travel arrangements and booking tickets
  3.  ​Email inbox organisation
  4. On-going email inbox management
  5.  ​New client follow up
  6. ​ ​General customer service
  7. ​ ​Internet research
  8. ​ ​​Creating and sending client invoices
  9.  ​Moderating comments on your blog and social media
  10. ​ ​Data-entry
  11. Website updates
  12.  ​Landing page creation and editing
  13. ​ ​Sales page creation and editing
  14. ​ ​Setting up email sequences/funnels
  15. ​ Setting up your appointment scheduler
  16.  ​Connecting different software together to create systems
  17. Creating or tidying up Powerpoint presentations
  18. ​ Doing the initial set-up of your webinar software
  19. Ongoing webinar set up
  20. ​ ​Being on the webinar with you to help answer questions or for tech support
  21. ​ ​Creating fillable PDFs for workbooks and welcome packs
  22. ​​Event management support – venue confirmation,
  23. Event management support – compiling attendee/exhibitor lists
  24. Event management support – stock ordering
  25. ​ ​Client letter writing
  26. ​ ​Credit control calls/emails
  27. ​Setting up social media accounts
  28. Setting up a Facebook pages
  29. ​ ​Creating email header banner images
  30. ​ ​Creating social media images and quote tiles
  31. ​Social media posting
  32. Uploading videos to Facebook
  33. Formatting blog posts
  34. ​ ​Proof-reading
  35. ​ ​Audio transcription
  36. Website back ups
  37. WordPress plugin updates
  38. Report creation
  39. Basic video editing
  40. Basic audio editing
  41. Blog commenting (on other people’s blogs on your behalf)
  42. Setting up Google Analytics
  43. Setting up a Gmail email with your domain name

This list is far from exhaustive but hopefully gets you thinking along the lines of the repetitive tasks you may be doing right now that someone else could be taking off your plate. So put your list together and start looking for a VA to help you.

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