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66 Ways to Raise Your Energy Vibration

If you’re looking to raise your energy vibration to feel better and use the law of attraction to attract things you want instead of things you don’t, this post offers 66 ways to do just that. It’s inspired by Joanna Turner (and her 66-day Gratitude Challenge) who invited me to raise my vibration and energy in ways that I could do right now, rather than going with the I can’t raise my vibration until… thinking.

I do enjoy simple pleasures but recently I forgot that so I went on a bit of a spiritual stay-cation. I made a list of all the free things I did and some that I intend to do over the coming weeks (compiled with a little help from my friends for the last 6 items – 66 is a lot of things!). I’m sharing it here in case it gives you ideas for things you could do yourself.

  1. Paint your nails
  2. Go walking in the rain
  3. Go dance-walking
  4. Ride your bike along the canal
  5. Listen to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks
  6. Listen to bin-aural beats in your sleep
  7. Drink green tea in the garden
  8. Write out a list of people you want to forgive and why, then burn it under the light of the moon
  9. Pull out some weeds in the garden, feel grounded in the earth and take satisfaction in the before and after
  10. Pick and eat blackberries from the garden 
  11. Read about the spiritual significance of the animal that’s just presented itself to you (a toad in my case)
  12. Write out a list of all the things you’ve achieved in your whole life
  13. Write out a list of all the things you’ve achieved in the past 12 months
  14. Put a crystal on your desk to look at while you work
  15. Invite a friend to co-work with you at home
  16. Visualise and get excited about that overseas conference you want to attend
  17. Read Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley
  18. Go to a free business networking event or meet-up
  19. Look back at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown as a person (rather than how far you still have to go)
  20. Write a heartfelt testimonial for someone who’s helped you
  21. Download a free one-day pass to a local spa and enjoy a decadent afternoon
  22. Find a local co-working space that offers a free trial day and meet some other business owners in your area
  23. Have a Skype call with a business bestie
  24. Appreciate someone’s really beautiful Instagram feed and comment to let them know
  25. Join the conversation on Twitter and chat sincerely to 5 new people
  26. Write a thank you note to someone
  27. Make a gratitude list daily
  28. Make a vision board
  29. Write a medium-term bucket list and get excited about what’s on it
  30. Go for a walk in the countryside and stroke a horse
  31. Watch the sun set
  32. Watch the sun rise
  33. Get a free trial on Yogaglo and do a 5 minute yoga class every day for a fortnight
  34. Meditate to a piece of music that calms your brain
  35. Smile at every person you pass on the street and watch them smile back
  36. Watch something on Youtube that makes you want to dance
  37. Have your own silent disco at home and dance like you’re an extra in Step Up 2
  38. Sing songs from the musicals
  39. Read The Power by Rhonda Byrne
  40. Write a blog post that helps other people
  41. Read about the emotion code and clear some shizzle with a magnet off the fridge
  42. Watch Miss Congeniality
  43. Watch Miss Congeniality 2
  44. Laugh out loud at irreverent Instagram meme accounts
  45. Thank your house plants for still being alive after over a year and for cleaning the air in your home
  46. Sign up to a 10 day free trial of Les Mills and attend a cheesy Body Combat class in your own home
  47. Put some perfume on even if you’re at home
  48. Visit your local city farm and feed the animals
  49. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood and stoke a cat or friendly dog
  50. Challenge yourself to make a meal Ready, Steady, Cook style with whatever’s left in the cupboard
  51. Do a Process Wheel (or 10)
  52. Use a gorgeous smelling body oil (or other leftover Christmas gift)
  53. Sit in the garden and really watch and appreciate the butterflies, bees and birds and all their funny mannerisms
  54. Go for a walk in the deer park and watch the bambis
  55. Go for a walk in the nature reserve and watch the swans being beautiful
  56. Write in a journal 
  57. Fill a bag with things you don’t need and take it to the charity shop
  58. Create a Pinterest board all about one of the countries you’d like to visit
  59. Engross yourself in a fiction novel
  60. Ask your friend to come round for a chin-wag
  61. Use your local outdoor green gym
  62. Have a bath with magnesium salts
  63. Roll down a grassy hill
  64. Have a nap
  65. Go Geocaching
  66. Go for a muddy off-road bike ride


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