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Decluttering Cath’s Kitchen

Last week I helped Cath declutter her kitchen (with the Procastination Buster 5 hour declutter package).

Professional Organiser Nottingham 4When I arrived I asked what she wanted to get out of the session and she said “space”. Cath home schools her three children and needed her rooms to work more efficiently. We worked on clearing out items from the kitchen cupboards and rearranging what was left in a way that made sense for the family.

Cath was excited about decluttering and felt that one of the reasons clutter had build up was a lack of time to deal with it. One of her children was very young when the family moved house. What might have been decluttered at that point was transferred to their new home because it was impractical to tackle it with a baby to look after.

The kitchen was quite large. Since it was inherited from the previous owners, certain aspects weren’t laid out as Cath would have chosen. As such, it was important for us to create a space that flowed as best it could for how Cath wanted to be able to use it. As ever, reducing first left us in a good place to find a home for everything that remained.

The day was a success and we moved on a lot of “stuff”. I’ll let Cath take it from here to describe her experience.

In Cath’s Words…

Oh wow
Where to start.
So very grateful to Suzie for the amazing support she gave me in decluttering my kitchen.

Professional Organiser Nottingham

Kitchen before

I cannot get over the space I have in there now. I can see what I want and it flows.

I achieved everything I wanted to which was space in the cupboards and clear worktops, the display shelf is now only for display. There’s so much less stuff. I know what I have and where it is. There’s a few more things on the possible sale or dump list if not used in six months or so.

The experience with Suzie was incredibly empowering and emotionally cleansing. I experienced the flow of chatter as we moved along. I found most things easy to get rid of. If anything, I got quite a sense of relief in removing it. There were some things I struggled with but I was able to realise those emotions and connections which helped in letting go.

I found Suzie very supportive. She did the practical bits such as emptying and wiping over cupboards and refreshing me when my brain was reeling from emotions and decision making. When it came to putting things back and actual arranging she was very hands off. She made a few suggestions and would ask questions that helped formulate my choices but I felt like I was very much leading the decision on what worked for me.

How it felt decluttering

Professional Organiser Nottingham 2

Part way through…

The thing I was most stuck on we left and came back to at the end when I was able to naturally let go.
Realising that I have memories and don’t need the clutter and things to remember is so releasing.

I also connected in with a sense of guilt over having so much stuff I wasn’t enjoying. And a sense of guilt of letting go of things because it must mean I didn’t appreciate it. I realised those voices were not mine…

More decluttering after the session

I love the flow in the kitchen. As a result I have carried on. I also ended up clearing half of an old display cabinet which meant there was space to display the things I had in there.

On Sunday, as a result of the five day decluttering challenge that Suzie ran last week, I entirely revamped and moved around the office. It works so much better and feels wonderful to work in and the children are enjoying clear spaces and easy to get to equipment.

I’ve also then decluttered the shoes, coats and storage for them and it’s making life so much easier. I’m itching to do more. I’ve also emptied the garage of all the clothes in there and several boxes In addition to the ones I have cleared out. A few big pieces of furniture have gone out to await eBay sales but that feels fab because money is coming in and they are going out. It’s having a knock on effect across the house.

Professional Organiser Nottingham 3

Cupboard before…

Now I have the feeling of whether or not I am getting joy, it feels easy. I cannot wait to do my bedroom and free that.

Truly life changing.

I was getting no joy from excess stuff. Now the things that give me joy are shining because I can see them in the spaces I have created.

A very powerful and life changing experience and I am incredibly grateful to Suzie for her time, energy and patience.

Things we talked about during the session

  • If you have a cupboard with a lot of unused height plastic or mesh stacking shelves can make the space more efficient.
  • Letting something go doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the gesture that it was given to you or lose the associated memories.
  • Keeping one small part of something can be enough of a reminder if you can’t quite let go completely. For example, perhaps keep one cup and saucer from the inherited tea set rather than the whole thing if it’s never used. You could the cup and saucer as a plant holder or something else functional or just have it pride of place on display.

Want to feel the freedom too?!

I was really excited to hear that Cath had got so much out of the challenge and our time together. Once you master the thought process it’s much easier to let go and you’ll probably fired up to carry on and blitz other areas too.

If you’d like to experience the same kind of freedom that Cath has, take a look at how I could help you declutter. If you can’t see quite what you’re looking for, get in touch. If you know any one else who could benefit please share this post with them (be kind when you do!).

You can also get inspired by starting my 5-Day Clear Your Clutter challenge at any time. You’ll get a daily email with prompts to help you get in the right head space to start decluttering. It just takes a few minutes each day, no overwhelm. I won’t make you get rid of anything you love or clear out a certain number of things per day. Just help you understand how to create a space that serves you. Click the link above to sign up now and you’ll also get my free declutter guide straight away.

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