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5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Clutter Quickly

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Last week was a bit of a crazy week. I decided that the completion of my house sale was taking far too long and I wanted to give the Universe a bit of a nudge to move things along. Although the white goods and a couple of other pieces of furniture are going with the house, I’d offered a few other items to the buyers too. However I hadn’t heard back for a number of weeks whether they wanted them or not. I decided that was a no and got on with shifting them out the house.

Professional organiser nottinghamI was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I managed to move everything. I thought a blog post on some of the sites I used and recommend to others might be useful.

Once you’ve done your decluttering you’ll want to move your “definitely to go”clutter on quickly. While you have the momentum, arrange to get it out the house as soon as you can.

One other recommendation is to put everything you’re selling in one place. I sold a couple of other bits and pieces because people saw them when they came to collect something else. Depending on what you’re getting rid of someone might be looking to buy a number of things. Forexample someone who’s collecting furniture of household items might need a number of other things if it’s because they’ve just moved into their first house. Or perhaps someone’s lost a lot of weight and they need a whole new wardrobe of clothes/shoes in a new size.

Charity Shop Drop Off/ Collection

If you have a car and can load it up with charity shop items then do that. Get the boxes and bags in the car and out the house as soon as you can. Ideally take them straight to the shop but if you can’t, make sure it’s a priority.

If you don’t have suitable transport or if you have a lot of things or heavy, bulky items/furniture look at arranging a collection. Some charity shops have a collection service. The Red Cross arranges home collection through your local shop. Find your nearest Red Cross Charity Shop to arrange yours if necessary.

Side note: If you get a charity bag through the letterbox at any time it’s worth having a quick whip round. See what you can clear out even if it’s just have a few items. They’ll be gratefully received and you’ll be a few items lighter.


I posted a number of my own items on Gumtree. Within a few hours everything had been collected and was out of my way. One guy even offered me extra money if he could come and collect immediately! I like that it’s easy for people to search for things locally.

I listed my items mid-afternoon, mid-week and it seemed like a good time to get in front of people.

Take clear images and additional ones of any marks or scratches etc on the item you are selling. Write a good description and try and answer any obvious questions people may have (eg size/dimensions).


The Freecycle site has groups worldwide is about giving and getting for free. If you have stuff you just want to move on then list it here. It’s also worth having a look through the “wanted” ads because someone might be looking for something you hadn’t thought of.

I’d arranged for a friend to look after a couple of my house plants when I go travelling but I had another two I was happy to pass on. I was going to ask if anyone I knew on Facebook wanted them. However I before I go that far I noticed someone on Freecycle was looking for greenery to cheer up their home. The chap willingly came and collected the two plants that afternoon. Another thing off the list!


If you have specialist items or something that’s worth trying to sell, check out eBay. I think the phone app makes it really easy to list items as you can take photos straight from your camera. It also helps autofill your item descriptions based on similar things that have been listed. Both useful for cutting down on procrastination!


Preloved is UK-based and is a bit of a combination of Gumtree and Freecycle. I’ve not used it recently but it’s definitely one to check out. It has categories that range from dogs to caravans with a Freeloved section of items being given away.

Have you got any other suggestions of websites that you’ve used and found helpful? Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any recommendations.


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