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How to Use The Subtle Energy of Crystals to Support Your Decluttering

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As you may know, I’m all about holistic decluttering. That’s not just incorporating holistic therapies like crystals and essential oils but means that we look at decluttering all sorts of things including mental clutter and emotions.

You might not think that crystals and decluttering go together especially since we’re trying to reduce our stuff not add to it. However I think they have a place to support your efforts so I’m going to tell you about them!

The Subtle Energy of Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are obviously natural elements that come from the earth. I think being in touch with nature is great for us humans and, in general, I don’t think we’re in touch enough.

Everything on the planet is a vibrating mass of particles when looked at under the microscope. Everything vibrates at different frequencies and crystals are no different. Each type vibrates at a different level and emits a different, subtle energy.

These energies can help with different emotions and that’s where we can tie them in with decluttering.

Emotional Support while Decluttering

I think most of us would agree that decluttering kicks up a variety of emotions from guilt, to regret, to blame, to overwhelm. These on their own can be draining but add in the energy taken by the decision-making process and I’d say we could do with some extra support, particularly if our energy levels weren’t optimum when we started.

Crystals being around us can help. Below I’m giving some examples of a few crystals you may want to consider having near you when you next declutter.

Some Crystals for Decluttering

There are many crystals which could be considered helpful when decluttering so these are just a few to start you off.


This is a gorgeous gold crystal. You can see one of mine in the picture. This one in the image is a crystal “point” where it’s all rough at the edges. I have some tumblestone ones too that are smaller and polished.

It’s said that citrine is energising and increases physical energy and motivation (like the golden sun does) and can help improve self-esteem and depression.

Often we need to give ourselves a bit of support on the motiviation front. Even if we know we do want to declutter, the thought of the decision making or emotions can make us reluctant so this could give you a little boost. Improving your self-esteem can give you confidence in making the decisions you want to make about your stuff.

Tiger’s eye

This is a crystal I was drawn to a lot as a child even though I never understood why since it was brown and didn’t seem very girly!

According to crystalvaults.com “…Tiger’s Eye is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one’s inner vision and better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation.” Pretty helpful for assessing why you’ve really accumulated the clutter and understanding that’s the thing to sort.

The site goes on to say “It encourages one to use their powers wisely, and allows scattered information to be brought together to a cohesive whole.” This is going to help with the organisation side of things once you’ve eliminated what you no longer want.

Rainbow Fluorite

I think this stone is really pretty. It’s said to help clear away any lingering emotional remains. This is obviously a really helpful aspect since pretty much everything we keep hold of without need or particular want is because of lingering emotional connections. This stone can help release these old feelings particularly where the item may have negative connotations associated (eg something from an old flame that causes feelings of anger or regret when looked at).

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is sometimes called the Stone of Endurance. It’s said to have a gentle energy that stimulates life force/chi to bring physical energy, determination and focus, all things required for a successful decluttering session.

Because of its steady, gentle energy, Red Jasper is considered emotionally calming. It helps to create a stable energy that can help with goal setting, following tasks through to completion and facing up to less pleasant tasks.

It also activates the base chakra which is all about feeling safe, secure and comfortable in your own home.


This stone is regarded as tranquillising and calming when when we’re overwhelmed. It’s thought to help dispel emotional attachments, again strengthening resolve when decluttering.

Plus it’s just gorgeous to look at! Two polished amethysts are in the picture, along with some rose quartz. The crystal below is amethyst too.

How to use your crystals

Before you start decluttering choose the crystal(s) that resonate with you. While you’re thinking about what you want to accomplish and the intention behind your decluttering session, hold the crystals in your hand or place them on the table in front of you.

Throughout the decluttering process keep the crystals near you in the room you’re working on.

If you’re still procrastinating about getting started with your decluttering, take my 5 day challenge. I’ll walk you through a process that eases you in gently and is designed to eliminate the overwhelm of decluttering. Learn the best method for you, why it’s important to begin with the end in mind and other helpful tips. You don’t need a lot of time through the five days and the challenge could give you just the boost and support you need. Pop your email on the form here and you’ll receive emails each day with the challenge details. Start now.


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