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An Easy Hack to Control Clutter

Posted on 3 m read

The definition of clutter varies and sometimes it’s stuff that we really don’t need any more. Other times though it’s items we use often but that never really get put away.

The main reason for this is probably because these things aren’t being stored where they’re used.

As humans we’re inherently lazy. We’re designed to conserve energy. If something needs put back in a different location to where it’s used, the chances are it’s going to sit where it was used and never make it home. At least not without a concentrated effort.

Get Your Home to Flow with You

Clutter and disarray are stagnant energy so it’s good to address this. You’re home should flow and fit in with how you live. Sometimes our intended design just doesn’t match and our experience. It’s like when you go to the park and see a well worn path across the grass where people have created a new route just beside a paved footpath. The design of the official path takes a few extra steps to walk so people take a shortcut over the grass to cut off the corner.

It’s the same with your home. It might be set up to work one way, like the paved footpath. But if in real life, that’s not how you use your space then it’s not going to work.

Have a look at particular clutter spots in your house. Is the problem that those items have a home but they’re not in it (rather than not having a home at all)? If so, consider rearranging things a bit so that items are stored where they’re used. It doesn’t necessarily mean a huge change but a tweak here and there in the various clutter spots could be the difference.

Are Things Stored Where You Use Them?

For example, is your laundry basket in the bedroom but you always get undressed in the bathroom? Or are your craft supplies stored in the spare room but you always do your crafting on the kitchen table? Does stuff stored in the dining room need to find a home in the kitchen?

In a lot of family homes this disarray can add to the stress of the morning routine. When you’re frantically trying to find a shoe, coat or PE kit at the last minute, it’s not ideal. If you find that coats, shoes, school bags and other kit are dumped at various points around the house instead of being put back where they’re supposed to live you could create a dedicated new space for them.

Think family organisation station near the front door. You can organise whatever you like here but some examples of things to store here might be:

  • Keys
  • Post/mail
  • Kids school bags
  • Sports kit
  • School shoes
  • Jackets

This makes it really easy for everyone to hang up their coats and leave their bags somewhere they can be found easily, no extra effort required. Sports kit can be put straight back (or you know where to put it straight back after it’s been washed). Everything’s to hand and it’s easy to see if something’s missing before you need it.

I’ve got a Family Mission Control Centre board on Pinterest that might give you some ideas for your own home, check it out below.

If you don’t have a family you might still want to set something like this up. Having a dedicated place to put keys and phones etc can save you time and stress too. It’s just about making life easier for yourself and cutting out the extra time and energy.

Let me know what you think. Is this something you’ve seen before and are you going to try it? Tweet me @suzieyounguk and let me know!

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