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February Declutter to DeStress Challenge

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Did you know that research has shown a direct link between high cortisol/stress levels in women and a high density of items in the home?

Yes, only in women, men really don’t see that clutter around the house in the same way we do. D’oh!

Anyway this means that purely by reducing the amount of stuff in your house you can have a positive impact on your stress. Worth a go, non?

February 5-Day Declutter Challenge

I’m running a 5-day Declutter to DeStress challenge from 22nd – 26th February. Here’s how it works.

  • Each of the five days I’ll send you an email with a bite-sized but impactful action.
  • The real magic happens over in the Facebook group I’ll be live every day so you can jump in and ask me your questions as we’re going along. (Perhaps the most valuable part of the challenge.)
  • You’ll need to put a bit of time aside each day but if you get behind, the videos will be available for 48 hours.

As an added incentive – because I know you loooooove decluttering – I’m going to be doing a prize draw at the end of the challenge. Could I have a wooooooo from the audience please?!

To be in with the chance of winning you need to join in with at least one of the livestreams. Don’t be scared to come along everyone’s in the same boat with things.

Look at the challenge as a way of kick starting your decluttering. We’ll be looking at some of the things you’ve found tricky to declutter before and where you’re getting stuck. Previous participants have had great results.

As a result of the five day decluttering challenge that Suzie ran last week, I entirely revamped and moved around the office. It works so much better and feels wonderful to work in...” Cath Conley

To join us for the challenge and get the kickstart you’re looking for just head over to the registration page and pop your details in. See you there!


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