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3 Ways to Gain Perspective on Your Clutter Today

Posted on 4 m read

I think we can agree that clutter gets us tied up in all sorts of emotional knots. It can seem like this huge, overwhelming, stressful thing that’s so tricky to deal with.

However I believe it’s possible to put your clutter into perspective in a way that allows you to look at it with a completely different attitude. Here are three ways.

Get in Nature, Travel or Have Fun Experiences

I recently came back from a fantastic trip to Sedona, Arizona. Although I don’t have a lot of physical clutter there’s always something going in our lives that we could do with some perspective on!

Sedona’s a hugely magical and spiritual place with stunning landscape and vortex energy. It’s really hard not to feel small and like a tiny part of a powerful universe when you’re surrounded by impressive red mountains and the clearest, starriest of nights. When you turn to think about your clutter after this kind of experience, it suddenly just doesn’t seem as important.

It’s so common to define ourselves by our belongings but we really don’t need to. We are so much more than what we own. If you can truly understand who you are and accept and love yourself for the person you are, aside from the things you own (or the role you play, or job title you have), it’s much easier to make decisions about your clutter.

And for that matter if we get really comfortable with who we are we tend to worry less about what others’ think of us. This also helps with decluttering decisions for those things we’re keeping just because we feel we should.

You don’t need to travel to some exotic location to get the perspective shift. Getting out in nature locally or having fun with some friends/family doing some kind of experience can be a great way to change your point of view and see what really matters in life.

Think ahead

I know it’s morbid and I’ve talked about this before in my post Who Inherits Your Clutter? but thinking ahead to the end of your life can help put your current situation into perspective.

Take yourself out of the equation to start with. Who will inherit your clutter? Do you want to put them through the emotional rigmarole of sorting through it all? Decluttering always takes longer than expected and I’ve heard stories of attics and basements taking months to clear out, prolonging the emotional upheaval.

Now let’s think about you. Do you honestly think when you’re on your deathbed that you’ll think fondly about your clutter? Do you think the time you spent worrying about it, feeling guilty over it and people-pleasing when it wasn’t what you truly wanted, will feel like the best use of your time? Might you regret wasting that time, energy and heartache over “things”?

Honestly, life’s short. Is this how you really want to spend your energy, time and thoughts? If you think you’ll look back and regret the amount of importance you gave this stuff, then consider focus on the things that truly matter now.

Your Clutter Could Help Others & The Planet

That thing you’re keeping “just in case” that’s never going to be used in the next five years….? Someone else could be using and enjoying it right now.

1 – Someone who doesn’t have a lot is probably trawling charity shops looking for exactly the thing you’re keeping hold of. If you haven’t used it in 2-3 years, you probably aren’t going to use it again any time soon. How likely is it that you could borrow or rent one if you got rid of yours and it turned out you did need it one day? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the space and freedom from all the excess until that day?

Even if it’s just a “nice to have” type of thing it could still be bringing someone else joy on a daily basis (instead of stressing you out on a daily basis!). If we can do something to make someone else happier, then I say do it! Happiness and love make the world go round and we could always do with more of that.

2 – Making these things available to others means they’re getting reused. That’s helping to cut down on what’s being bought and produced. I appreciate donating or selling a few items of yours might not feel like it makes much of an impact but multiply that by everyone and suddenly it’s a lot of fricking stuff, right?

Let’s think about the planet and how we can help her.

Did These Help?

Has this helped shift your perspective at all? Honestly life’s too short to be stress out over our “stuff”. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, even if it can feel massively important to us some days.

I say find a way to clear your clutter (by yourself or with some help) and get on with living that exciting, vibrant life that’s waiting for you. Don’t forget to keep the truly important stuff front and centre.

If you need any help with clearing your clutter let’s have a chat. I offer in-person and virtual solutions so we can see what might suit you best. You can find out more about my home decluttering packages here and you can book a Overwhelm Buster: Kickstart Decluttering Call with me here.

In the meantime I’d love for you to tell me about your experiences. What’s the thing you find hardest with decluttering at the moment? Drop me a comment or connect with me on social media.

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