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Do this One Thing Now to Make Decluttering Easier

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In this post I’m going to talk about how you can become more efficient at decision making – and therefore decluttering – by becoming more grounded.

I believe that a lot of people with clutter issues are ungrounded or only partially grounded. Being grounded usually means feeling present in your body (as opposed to being up in the stress and anxiety of your head) and/or feeling connected to the earth. It looks like being ready to take on the world and feeling focused and strong to follow your life’s true purpose.

When we’re ungrounded or partly grounded we can feel disorganised, scattered, perpetually worried and hesitant. It’s harder to make firm decisions and decluttering’s all about making decisions.  We over-think things, live in the past and are easily distracted. Sound familiar?

From a physical perspective inflammation, chronic pain, poor sleep, lack of energy and poor circulation are often signs of being ungrounded.

By becoming grounded and being more present in our bodies we’re able to better tap into our instinct and intuition. We “feel in our gut” what it is we truly want. When you’re in stress mode and anxious about things it’s harder to make any decisions about your clutter.

In our modern human lives, it’s easy to become ungrounded. Free radicals in our bodies accumulate from stress, unhealthy foods and the electromagnetic fields of our computers/mobile phones. Spending very little time in nature also contributes. However we work much better as human beings when we are grounded. In that state we tend to have clearer minds, recharged energy and calmer emotions.

Get Grounded

Antioxidants in fresh fruit and vegetables help mop up the free radicals (positive ions) within the body. However another one of the best ways to get grounded is to go barefoot on fresh grass, sand, soil or stone (nothing man-made like concrete).

People flock to the beach because it makes them feel good and walking barefoot on the sand is one of the reasons why. One of the other big reasons is because sea air is charged with negative ions.  When you say you’re worn out because of the sea air, it’s because the negative ions have counteracted the positive ions and you’re feeling grounded.

If getting to the seaside isn’t a realistic possibility for you right now, at least try and get out in nature. Go for a walk in the park or woods. If you can touch something living with bare skin, eg hug a tree (!) or sit on a blanket with both hands on the grass, that’s ideal.

Other things you can do to help get grounded are:

  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Bath in Epsom salts
  • Use essential oils like cypress, sandalwood and frankincense
  • Reduce screen time
  • Use an orgonite pyramid or some kind of crystals like black tourmaline, shungite or hematite around your wifi router and electrical items to absorb some of the EMF.

Dealing with your clutter is really tough when you can’t make decisions about things. Grounding yourself will help with this and make your whole decluttering process easier.

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