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Is a house sitter an option for you?

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Have you heard of house sitting and feel like it’s a bit of an odd concept? Then this blog aims to enlighten you as to some of the reasons people choose to use a house sitter! I know some folk think it sounds a bit strange to have someone living in their home as if it’s their own. However using a sitter can have some real advantages over other options. I’ve completed 11 house and pet sits (and counting) in London this year. I think every single one of the owners has had the same reason for using house sitter.

Kennels! Wail!

Unanimously the home owners I’ve been a house sitter for hate the heart-wrenching experience of leaving their fur baby at the kennels. Having had three of my own cats I completely understand this. It’s never the best start to a trip when you head off with the sound of your pet’s wailing ringing in your ears!

Of course, an alternative is to keep your animals in their own home and have someone pop in to feed them. This does eliminate the distress of leaving your pets to live in an unfamiliar (and unappreciated!) environment. However my concern as a pet owner was always with how much of the day they’d still be without human company. Plus of one my cats in particular was quite nervous and skittish. I’m not sure she ever actually came out of hiding when the pet sitter was there. She just came out to eat her food after the sitter had gone because there wasn’t enough time each visit for her to get used the sitter.

Considering Anxious Pets

If you have an anxious pet then having someone to live-in while you’re away can be really reassuring for both you and your animal. Even on a short sit there’s enough time to build trust with a nervous pet and for them to not only get fed but enjoy some affection and company too (keeping stress levels down). For more information about how I deal with your nervous pet read the blog post here.

Having someone live in your home while you’re away addresses this issue with the added benefit of home security. After the initial concern for their pets, my clients have been reassured that their house will remain occupied. Sometimes for short trips away with close neighbours you might feel this is less of a worry. However on longer sits it does give peace of mind. The other benefit is that should anything untoward happen in the property whilst you’re away (unlikely but possible) there’s someone on hand to notify you of the issue and deal with it if necessary.

Other Benefits of a House Sitter

Small jobs like watering your plants are included in your sit, another convenient benefit. Sitters can also pick up your mail and store it neatly so you don’t need to worry about it piling up. You can cross off calling the post office to stop your mail deliver from your list of things to do before you go, too.

Much of the house sitting process is based on mutual trust. I trust that you will be honest about your pet’s needs and that your home is as you’ve described it. You trust that I will look after your home, respect your privacy and care for your pet to the same level that you do. I have found that this works well and owners feel relaxed leaving their home and pet care with me.

Need a Sitter?

Does this all sounds like a very convenient and suitable solution for you? Then please check out my house sitting reviews or get in touch to have a chat about how I can help. Don’t forget that you can also combine a sit with additional services, see this page for the concierge-type tasks on offer.

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