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Summer decluttering ideas

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Here in the UK the weather HOT. We’re not used to it at all. Decluttering in the sweltering heat might not be your first choice of activity. But if you’re determined to stay on track, here are some decluttering tips and ideas to keep you to your decluttering goals regardless.

Discard unworn seasonal clothes

Is there anything you’re not wearing this summer that you didn’t wear last summer either? If so, consider moving these items on.

Ask yourself why you’re not wearing them. Will they ever get worn if there are other clothes you always give preference to? Do they still fit? If they don’t, then realistically will they ever? And if so are they helping you in the meantime or just making you feel inadequate?

Kids’ clothes quick clear out

Any summer clothes from last year probably don’t fit any more. Have a quick clear out of these and even toys that were played with last summer but your children have outgrown now.

Kitchen cupboard clear out

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Take stock of all the summer themed plastic plates, fancy shaped ice cube trays, sangria glasses etc etc. If you still use them, put together a barbecue or picnic set. If you have any odds and ends left over considering giving them to the charity shop. Same with any other summer themed kitchenware you bought with good intentions but never use.

Garden tidy

Have a quick look round the garden/shed while you’re out there soaking up the rays.

This is a great time to get unused outdoor furniture, fancy plant pots and barbecues listed on Gumtree or eBay. People are looking for these things now so create some space and a bit of cash for you hols.

Clear out old sun creams

Like other toiletries, sun creams only last so long. There should be an expiry date on the packaging to check. If not, definitely get rid if the lotion is starting to separate.

Clear out other old toiletries

summer decluttering tips imageWhile you’re at it, chuck out all the other half empty toiletries that have been sitting around unused. When I say chuck, you know I mean clean out and recycle but don’t use that as an excuse to put it off again!

Get rid of the old holiday hotel toiletries that you picked up and never used (or put them in your gym bag and actually use them if they’re still ok!).

Whittle down your winter make-up

If you’ve changed products for the summer consider decluttering your old winter cosmetics. Foundations last 12-18 months, lipsticks and gloss about the same. Mascaras need to be replaced every 3-6 months because the liquid can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Don’t just use dates though. If you’ve had something for less time and the oils and water in the product have separated, it needs to go. If your powder has got a hard rim around it or anything smells a bit off get rid of it.

(Just FYI, gone off make-up really is a thing. Two university studies showed that 79% of mascaras women own have staph bacteria on them!!)

So, how are you finding the summer, declutter-wise? Is the sunshine making you feel energised to clear space and let the light in? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @suzieyounguk

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