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7 Ways to Beat Bedroom Clutter

Posted on 4 m read

More than anywhere in your home, I believe your bedroom should feel like your sanctuary. It sets the tone for the day the minute you open your eyes (maybe before then if your first thought is a groan about the state of it!) and it’s really important to create a calming environment to sleep in. Everything’s harder without a good night’s rest so creating a space you can relax in is important.

1 Be realistic in your declutter intentions

Ok let’s just get this one out the way before you beat yourself up once you’ve decluttered. Creating a calm and peaceful space is one thing. Hoping to magically transform your room into Pinterest perfect interior designed glory, is not! Remember we’re only decluttering for the moment, so unless your bedroom furniture and furnishings looked like something out of Living magazine before the clutter, it’s not going to look like that by removing the clutter and having a tidy. Don’t be disappointed! For sure it’s going to look better and if you want to spruce it up you can choose to do so much more easily now without the clutter.

2 Sort your wardrobe clutter

Do you find that most of your bedroom clutter is made up of clothing? Taking a deep breath and getting on top of your wardrobe clutter will make a big difference. Most women agree they wear about 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Essentially that means you already have a capsule wardrobe. By decluttering you’ll probably find some other items in the back that will fit in well with the 20% and augment your capsule wardrobe.

Declutter the things that:

  • don’t fit
  • have holes in them or are bobbly and worn
  • need repaired and have sat waiting to be sorted for a year (!)
  • have bad memories attached
  • are uncomfortable
  • you don’t like
  • were bought ages ago and still have tags on

Create enough room so there is space for everything to hang in your wardrobe or fit in your drawers. That way you won’t find it spilling out onto that chair in the corner…

3 Create the right type of storage

Sometimes clutter can be things you do use but that don’t get put away properly. Try and work out why that is if it’s the case with your bedroom clutter.

Do you need to add some shelves to the inside of your wardrobe instead of just having hanging space?
Would different types of hangers, a shoe rack or drawer compartmentalisers for belts/ties and other small items help?

Try and think logically about the storage you need. It might even be that you just need to swap round some of the things you hang with what you fold in a drawer or vice-versa. It doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying something new. However one or two low cost options as listed above could make all the difference to you.

4 Put your laundry basket in the bedroom

Choose a receptacle that fits nicely with your bedroom, it doesn’t need to be an official wicker basket. What is does need to do is make life easy. If some of your bedroom clutter is dirty clothes that get left on the floor when you go to bed, this is a quick and easy way to combat that.

5 Tidy your bedside drawers

  • Clear out your bedside drawers so they’re not jam-packed. Keep clutter on top of your drawers to a minimum to create a serene surfaces.
  • Think about what you want to have on/in them:
  • your essential oil diffuser and oils
  • crystals that help with grounding and sleep
  • alarm clock (not your mobile phone, pop that in another room)
  • candles
  • your current book

6 Use pretty containers

Get a few pieces of small, pretty storage to keep things like jewellery together. Perhaps invest in a proper jewellery box or drawer if you have a large collection. A couple of bowls, boxes or jars will help contain the little bits and pieces that build up in bedrooms and stop surfaces looking messy.

7 Get rid of under bed clutter

I know this is such an easy place to store things and it’s out of sight out of mind! Buuuut, in Feng Shui terms, it’s really not good to block energy flowing anywhere. This doesn’t mean no under bed storage at all but certainly get rid of any clutter and anything sentimental being kept there. It’s best to keep things like bed linen and towels there if you need to. Make sure they’re stored tidily and there’s still space for energy to circulate around the bed.

So there you go 7 tips to beat your bedroom clutter and create your soulful bedtime sanctuary. Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter if you tried any off them.

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