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4 Toxic Cleaning Ingredients to Declutter Before Your Spring Clean and What to Use Instead

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I’ve been passionate about natural cleaning and the decluttering of chemicals and synthetic toxins for a long time. 12 years ago parents in my baby classes were shocked to find out that most so called “baby oils” were full of cheap petrochemicals. They thought they were choosing the best thing for their families. Actually they were …

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An Easy Hack to Control Clutter

The definition of clutter varies and sometimes it’s stuff that we really don’t need any more. Other times though it’s items we use often but that never really get put away. The main reason for this is probably because these things aren’t being stored where they’re used. As humans we’re inherently lazy. We’re designed to conserve …

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How to Use The Subtle Energy of Crystals to Support Your Decluttering

As you may know, I’m all about holistic decluttering. That’s not just incorporating holistic therapies like crystals and essential oils but means that we look at decluttering all sorts of things including mental clutter and emotions. You might not think that crystals and decluttering go together especially since we’re trying to reduce our stuff not add …

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