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What it’s like to try Kinesiology for overcoming money blocks

Most people I know are keen to create more abundance in their life and it’s usually money they are looking to create more of initially. Denise Duffield-Thomas (of Lucky Bitch fame) is a money mindest mentor whose methods are aimed at anyone who wants to bring in more money, whether they’re completely broke or striving to …

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Why goals are a bad idea and what you should do instead

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Right now EVERYONE seems to be  talking about 2017 goals! It’s just that time of year. I’ve had the concept of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed – actually there are two good reasons right there why you shouldn’t be setting them – realistic??) goals drummed into me for years. Working in the fitness industry …

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Which platform is best to host your online coaching programme?

I was recently asked why, when creating an online coaching programme, people bother with additional software for membership sites when Squarespace, for example, offers the option of password protected pages as standard. If you’d like to offer an online coaching programme as either a completely hands-off passive income course or as a group coaching programme, there …

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