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Live Your Decluttered Life Programme

The Live Your Decluttered Life Programme is for you if you need support with the emotional element of decluttering as well as practical tips for dealing with physical clutter.

Some of the things we cover in this course might sound a bit daft or “out there” when you’re just looking to organise your home. However, believe me when I say it’s never about the “stuff” but the emotions, meanings and decisions we attach to our belongings.

The self-study programme is for you if:

⭐ You’ve decided you’ve had enough of the chaos, the mess and the feeling stifled

⭐ You’re ready to take back your power and choose what’s right for YOU

⭐ You’ve a sneaky suspicion that maybe you have all this clutter because your life isn’t in alignment with the real you.

⭐ In your heart you know your clutter is a reflection of your lack of confidence (in yourself, your decision-making, your ability to say no or to put yourself first…)

You’re ready to uncover what the clutter’s been hiding and live your decluttered life.

What you get:

  • 4 fillable workbooks to go through at your own pace, making notes about a-ha’s and breakthroughs as you go
  • 1x 30 minute private declutter kickstart call

Here’s what’s included in the course:

Workbook 1 – Who is the Decluttered You?

This workbook takes you through processes designed to help you get clear on your decluttered self. Once you’re sure about how you’d like to show up and the space you’d really like to live in, it’s much easier to make decisions about your clutter.

Decision-making (or rather, procrastination of it) is probably one of the biggest reasons you have clutter. I let you in on a simple secret that can improve your decision-making in minutes.

Workbook 2 – Declutter Detox

In this workbook you’ll discover why things you thought were selfish could actually be the very things you need to get on top of your clutter.

We look at detoxing:

  • the mental clutter that leaves your head feeling chaotic and stressed
  • the over-commitments that make you feel like you’re drowning in too much to do
  • the digital clutter – learn how to get your email inbox under control
  • How to avoid the above in the future

Workbook 3 – Decluttering Your Space

Spending time on the things listed above might sound daft when you’re just looking to organise your home. However believe me when I say it’s not about the “stuff”. Once you get clear on the things I take you through in the first two workbooks, decluttering the physical items become much easier. I do know that one aspect of decluttering that isn’t always obvious to people, is how to actually sort through things.

In this section I’ll show you:

  • the very best way to declutter your belongings
  • how many bags/piles you need and what they should be
  • how to make a decision on things that you can’t make up your mind about
  • how to deal with other people’s stuff (including children’s)

I also take you through something that could be key for you to actually keep going and get through all your clutter this time. If you get overwhelmed every time you try and tackle your stuff I bet it’s because you’re being a perfectionist. I’ll show you how to keep motivated and keep the overwhelm at bay.

Before you’re done with this workbook we’ll also go through a couple of vital aspects that seem to have everyone flummoxed:

  • how to deal with the emotions around letting go of sentimental items and
  • how to graciously let go of unwanted gifts.

Workbook 4 – Setting Up Your Space

In the final workbook we stay with some of the more practical elements. Again, organisation isn’t everyone’s forte so this is to help with that. I deal with a lot of creative people who don’t always see a logical way to store items so the flow of their home works with how they live.

In this section we look at the type and location of your existing storage. I’ll show you how to consider its best function to get it working for you and help eliminate clutter bottlenecks and make quick wins. I also teach you how to store items to maximise your space.

Finally I’ll give you some top tips about how to subtly affect the energy in your home. Your space should be your sanctuary and these tips will help you feel good about it and help prevent clutter building up again.

Sound good? It’s time to Live Your Decluttered Life! Use the code LYDLNOW to get the programme for just £47. Click to get started today. 

After you sign up for the course you’ll gain instant access to all four modules so you can start today and move through the modules and your own pace. Book your 30 minute call to give you a kick start or keep it for when you hit a sticky patch and need some support to kick start the rest of your decluttering.

If you have any questions just get in touch: suzie@suzieyoung.com

* Call to be booked within 1 month of purchase.