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Is your cluttered and disorganised home stressing you out, pulling at your focus and slowing you down?

Decluttering often gets put on the “should” list and can feel like a silly thing to waste time on when there are other activities to be doing. Or sometimes it just feels completely overwhelming and previous attempts to tackle it have failed.

However, I can tell you that decluttering does something magical:

  • Life is simpler and easier when you can take the direct route instead of moving piles or climbing round things
  • Creating a calming space for working or reading is much easier without piles of clutter everywhere
  • Stagnant energy is released allowing fresh, new energy to surge in
  • A weight is often lifted as old, redundant feelings leave with their associated belongings

Put simply, clutter could be described as:

  • things you no longer use or enjoy
  • too many items in a small space
  • things which are disorganised
  • anything left unfinished

Keeping things that are not used or enjoyed can cause stress and cluttered, obstructed areas steal a little bit of  energy every time you look at them (never mind when you bump into or trip over them!).

There are lots of reasons we keep hold of clutter:

  • keepings things “just in case” they might get used again.
  • Some people really tie up their identity in their belongings or find they bring security through comfort (gifts, memories etc) or they just feel secure by having lots of stuff when perhaps in the past they didn’t.
  • Sometimes there’s guilt around getting rid of things that were gifts or inherited.
  • For others there is little sentimental attachment, the amount of “stuff” in the home grows through having children or just from life, and time has been too precious to take spend taking action on the clutter.

Whatever the reasons, you’ll want support from a compassionate person who understands you’re not just in need of a simple tidy up. I will work with you to deal with your clutter and help empower you to make your own decisions about your belongings.

Normally once we get started clients relish the freedom and lightness they experience and start releasing items with abandon!

To get a flavour of what that can look like it’s best to read about Cath’s kitchen declutter here and Lee-ann’s wardrobe declutter here.


Declutter Day

  • 1 day (up to 6 hours) of hands-on decluttering and holistic declutter coaching

£500  Summer sale £250 for days booked in August 2018

1 Month Online Declutter Package

  • 4x 2.5 hours of virtual decluttering support and holistic declutter coaching held weekly
  • Text support between declutter days
  • Free access to “Live Your Decluttered Life” online programme worth £97
  • Complimentary eco-friendly cleaning bundle worth £67


Additional Days

If you’d like extra declutter sessions these can be added at a preferential rate.

To have a chat about whether one of these declutter packages is right for you please get in touch by phone or email.

Alternatively you may be interested in my self-paced, online programme “Live Your Decluttered Life”.