Want to make an extra £17,607 on your property sale?

According to Rightmove, a staged UK property sells for 8% more than an unstaged one. With the average property worth £220,094 (Moneywise, 2017) that means an additional £17,607.

Decluttering is a fantastic way of taking "you" out of your home and making the house appear more neutral to potential buyers. When you decide to move you need to get away from taking this personally and understand that the biggest priority is selling the property for the price you want.

Unfortunately buyers are generally pretty bad at seeing past someone else's style and belongings. This means they find it harder to imagine themselves there. When you're selling you want viewers to be moving into the property in their heads as they go round it.

Clutter (or perceived clutter) can make a space look much smaller and space is usually right up there at the top of a buyer's list. When you've lived somewhere for a while it can be hard to see things with a fresh pair of eyes. A professional organiser can give you that and help you declutter, tidy up and organise your home in a way that's more appealing to viewers.

Now that you're selling, you need to see your house as a financial asset. It's a stepping stone to the new home you dream of.

Although I'm all about reducing and eliminating, decluttering for a house sale can be a little different. A big factor is speed so although some obvious items could be let go of, other items could be put into temporary storage. It's worth the small, short-term investment to create a brighter, more spacious looking home that sells.

When you choose to work with me I'll bring a fresh view and an organised structure to your home. We'll work together to decide what's best for you and your situation and then get on to creating the steamlined, neutral space buyers are after.

If you're ready to find out more then let's chat. Please contact me on 07565 676202 or email me suzie[at]suzieyoung.com I'm excited to help you!