You've begun to recognise the business case for openness around stress and mental health problems at work. You want to create a positive and supportive workplace culture to do the right thing by your people as well as benefit from a healthier, more productive workforce. You might also be feeling the pressure to comply with your legal obligation. 

Perhaps this topic has catapulted to the top of your agenda following your own experience of a breakdown or burnout. Either way, you're certainly seeing the signs of stress in others (and its effect on the business) everyday.  

Whatever's brought you to this point, you're a forward-thinker. You value your people as your most important asset and recognise the positive impact of investing in them. However, the thought of finding space and time to uncover, then get to grips with, the root causes of stress in your organisation is probably making your blood pressure rise.  

In the modern workplace, everyone already has enough on their plate and turning the focus to mental wellbeing can feel like just one more thing to add to the pile. But you don't need to take the strain yourself, that's where I step in.

When we work together, we can uncover what, why and how your company's collective stress levels and mental health are being affected. From there, we can decide the best way to proceed based on what's currently realistic and manageable for your business. You'll be able to fulfil your legal obligations, and morally you'll know your organisation is leading the way.  

So why am I the person to help you with this?

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Good question. My name is Suzie Young (hello!). Prior to becoming a consultant and coach, I was in leadership roles for 20-something years across the leisure, hospitality and wellness sectors in a variety of premium businesses from traditional to tech unicorn. When I first started as a manager, I thought authority was what created leadership, that it was all about being in charge and telling people what to do (and my ego kinda liked that). After a time, I came to appreciate that it's actually about understanding and developing human beings and creating an environment in which they can thrive. With management style being a leading cause of workplace stress, it was an important lesson to learn.

Since then, I've become an award-winning manager with a BA Hons degree in Leadership and Management. Although a range of roles has brought me to this point a thread of wellbeing has woven through them. I have several holistic therapy qualifications and previously working in this capacity with stressed out people has given me practical tools for managing stress that my teams have since benefitted from. It's also helped me develop deep empathy and exposed me to research around love and connection that is surprisingly transferrable to the corporate workplace. (Because people are people anywhere, right?)

I chose to become a consultant because of my own experience of burnout, and challenges with being understood during phases of being less mentally healthy. So many workplaces haven't yet embraced the fact that humans are messy beings who don't function very well when they try to leave half of themselves at the office door.

I want to show organisations that putting employee wellbeing over organisational needs is actually better for business. A Google experiment found that where psychological safety is high, teams out-perform targets by 17% (as opposed to missing by 19% where it's low). Evidence also strongly suggests that those who don't embrace this will begin to fall behind as pressure increases from customers wanting to buy from ethical companies, and employees who want to work somewhere that cares about them.

We need a cultural shift within organisations to prevent work itself from causing stress, and employees are demanding it. According to the 2018 Deloitte Millenial Survey, millenials believe business success shouldn't be measured solely on profits but on aspects such as a positive impact on the environment and society, the promotion of diversity and inclusion and improving people's lives.

When we work together, you can expect an empathic ear and a direct, candid and holistic approach. I'm well placed to consult on this and support you to take an integrated approach to tackle stress and mental health issues as I draw on a combination of factors, including my:

  • experience of hands-on management. I understand what's it's like to be in the trenches dealing with my own stress while managing and developing teams and juggling everything else expected of a manager in the modern workplace
  • proven ability to influence team members and turn culture around
  • dedication to defining and creating necessary structure
  • strong appreciation and grasp for health and safety in the workplace
  • energetic approach to engaging teams
  • electic background and exposure to a wide range of people, places and influences leading to a good understanding of the logic behind others' behaviour
  • own experience of burnout and mental health challenges and stigma around that
  • previous experience of working with stressed individuals through holistic therapy

If you're ready to take ownership for the impact of your organisation on your employees' mental health and start building a sustainable business that will continue to be successful in the future, get in touch with me now.


These are the heartfelt values that I use, imperfectly, to guide my life and work. When I'm happy and healthy, they flow without thinking. Like everyone else, when I allow myself to get highly stressed, I have to work a bit harder. When I start to move away from my values, I know it's time to rest and recharge and take stock of the pressures.

  • Be brave, bold, straight-forward and candid.
  • Use my enthusiasm to energise, engage and inspire others.
  • Be present and meet others with compassion.
  • Say thank you, celebrate success, lift others and pass the mic.
  • Create a sense of community and belonging by being warm, welcoming and kind.
  • Have fun truly living a heart and soul-led life to stay replenished and interesting!

Let's work together to implement a stress management and mental health at work framework and toolkit designed especially for your business and workforce.