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Hi, I'm Suzie!

I've been involved in digital marketing since 2006 but remember how it feels to be completely bewildered by tech and clueless about getting started online.

I grew up in a world without mobile phones and the internet (gasp, was there ever such a time?) and we didn’t use computers at school. My first career was as a professional dancer and I had to pay someone to type up my first CV. (I had no idea how to use Word – I tried to do it myself at an internet café and the whole document came out underlined. #fail).

So, I get it! I was labelled the “non-techie” one in the family but I’m pretty clued-up these days.

You’re an intelligent person too and actually, if you absolutely had to – with the time and inclination – you would probably learn a lot lot of this technical stuff yourself through trial and error.

But you don’t have the time or the inclination and if you’re anything like the others I’ve worked with recently, you’re probably getting completely overwhelmed with all the moving parts and unfamiliar terms, resulting in a spinning head and zero traction. All in all, your true zone of genius lies elsewhere. 

I can help you cut through the confusion and compress the timeline to getting you up and running online and seeing success.

Why Work With Me?

I have a broad knowledge of business and marketing and specialist knowledge of digital marketing. I’ve built this through practical experience of online success with my own wellness business and then from working as a freelance tech VA, supporting over 50 coaches with their online businesses in 2016.

I’ve a track record of getting business results within corporate settings too. Applying my small business marketing knowledge to large enterprise brought an unusually personal touch to email marketing campaigns and delivered record-breaking sales outcomes. Offline, I’ve coached teams to unprecedented financial success.

My structured thinking, natural enthusiasm and direct nature will draw out what you really want to achieve, help you navigate your way there and hold you accountable (with maybe just a teensy bit of backside kicking thrown in!).

You get to benefit from a unique blend of my 22 years’ experienceacross a number of roles and industries – the knowledge gained from a degree in Leadership and Management (including business and international marketing) and familiarity of working hands-on “in the trenches”.

More About Me...

For 6 years I ran a niche business aimed at new mums and babies and had a team of freelancers who worked with me. I also created a nationally recognised Baby Massage Instructor qualification which now runs as an online course. 

I’ve held the roles of Business Manager, Operations Manager and Club Manager within various health clubs including independent, boutique clubs and premier chains.

I’m a contributor to The Huffington Post and have been sought out as an expert by local media.

In Myers-Briggs terms, I’m an ESTJ personality type so you’ll appreciate my straight-forward approach, organised mind and grounded nature.

I completed my fast-track BA Hons degree in 12 months, just a couple of years before turning 40 so I know what it’s like to start something new, later in life.

Fun fact: I’m a professionally trained dancer and was once a tap dancer in a film with Alan Rickman, Juliette Stevenson and Janeane Garofalo!