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It's time to release the clutter and breathe. Feel the calm of your newly soulful sanctuary.

Hey I’m Suzie Young, Holistic Declutter Coach at Casa Holistica. I help people declutter and get organised so they can stop living chaotically and feeling overwhelmed by their stuff. If you have a space, room, storage unit or whole house that feels like a muddle and is causing you stress, then I can help.

I work with you in a manageable, step by step way to help gently release items that no longer serve you. I coach you through the emotions that come up in the process and give you permission to decide what’s best you.

We’ll work together to organise what you’ve chosen to keep in a way that suits the flow of your home and lifestyle so that things are much easier to keep on top of. Whether I’m there giving you hands-on support or coaching you virtually, you’ll gain the same sense of relief from letting go of what’s stressing you out. You’ll love the space and calm that’s left.

If you choose the virtual package or multiple one day packages you’ll have text access to me in between sessions. This means I can support you with any wobbles that come up and celebrate the wins of selling or donating items.